Removal of the film

Removing the protective film of VMZINC roofing or cladding

VMZINC Protective Film

VMZINC is a non painted product with a natural metal finish. This means that the surface is susceptible to staining and marking during the construction process. It is for this reason that pre-weathered VMZINC is supplied with a protective film unless requested otherwise.
The film is designed to protect the zinc from dust and dirt which are common on all construction sites. It cannot protect the zinc from physical impacts.

Removal of the Protective film

The film must be removed within 2 months of the zinc being installed. If no works are to be carried out within the vicinity of the finished zinc work we would recommend that the film is removed as soon as possible. Pre-made zinc panels should always be stored with the film intact and in a dry and ventilated environment.
The film must not be partially removed during installation for the remaining film to be removed at a later date, as this is likely to allow water to become trapped between the zinc and the partially removed film resulting in staining. It should be noted that most stains are very difficult to remove.
If fully filmed sheets are being used to form panels, which may make it difficult to remove the film after installation, the film can be scored by using a piece of zinc (greatly reduces scratching of the preweathering).
This must be done on an area of the panel where water cannot build up, ie in the reveal of a cassette panel and not on the face of a panel. The scoring must also be done so as to leave a clean well adhered edge to the film.